Frustrated That WiFi Not Connecting to LG TV? 15 Solutions to the Most Common Issues

WiFi not connecting to your new LG smart TV? You’re definitely not alone in your frustration over WiFi connection issues with LG TVs. A great many LG television owners report problems getting their device to connect to their home wireless network.

The good news is that while these WiFi connectivity issues can be annoying, most of them can be resolved with some simple troubleshooting. This comprehensive guide will cover the 15 solutions to the most common WiFi not connecting to LG TV problems reported with LG smart TVs and provide fixes to get your TV back online quickly.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you can get smooth video streaming and internet connectivity on your LG television again.

What are the Causes of WiFi not Connecting to LG TV?

Before diving into the solutions, it’s important to review the main WiFi connection issues that LG TV owners commonly face:

1. Wifi not Connecting to LG TV Due to Weak WiFi Signal Strength

If the television is located far from the wireless router on the other end of the home, the WiFi signal strength may simply be too weak at that distance for consistent connectivity. Walls, floors, and other objects blocking the signal path will further diminish signal strength.

2. Outdated Router Firmware


wifi not connecting to lg tv

Bugs or performance problems with an older router firmware version can manifest as connectivity issues with devices like LG TVs. Router manufacturers regularly release new firmware updates to address bugs and improve performance.

3. Congested Wireless Channels

In densely populated neighborhoods or apartment buildings with many WiFi networks running simultaneously, congestion on the limited wireless channels can interfere with connectivity.

4. Typing WiFi Password Incorrectly


wifi not connecting to lg tv

One small and easy mistake that can completely block connectivity is inputting the WiFi password incorrectly during the initial TV network setup. Even just one wrong character will prevent network access.

5. Underperforming Older Router

Some older routers have limited wireless range and bandwidth capabilities, resulting in weak WiFi signals and slow speeds that can severely disrupt connectivity for bandwidth-hungry smart TVs.

6. IP Address Conflicts

If other smart devices on the network like computers are assigning IP addresses, it can cause conflicts with the IP address assigned to the LG TV by the main router.

Solutions to Resolve LG TV WiFi Connectivity Problems

If you are encountering any of the WiFi connectivity problems outlined above with your LG television, refer to these troubleshooting tips:

Solution 1: Restart the Router and LG Smart TV

Simply rebooting both devices can clear up temporary glitches or hangs that may be disrupting connectivity. Unplug the power cables on both the router and TV for one minute before plugging them back in to restart them.

Solution 2: Check the WiFi Status Icon on the TV Screen


wifi not connecting to lg tv

Your LG smart TV will display a WiFi status icon somewhere on the screen (usually the top corner) showing the wireless signal strength. If it’s showing only 1-2 bars, try relocating the router closer to the TV to improve the signal strength.

Solution 3: Delete the Saved WiFi Network Profile from the TV

Open the TV’s network settings menu and find the option to “Forget” or delete the saved WiFi network profile. This will force the TV to freshly search and reconnect to the network, potentially resolving any software bugs disrupting the connection.

Solution 4: Update the Firmware on Both the Router and LG TV


wifi not connecting to lg tv

Check the admin pages and menus for both devices to check for available firmware updates from the manufacturers. Install any new firmware updates to address bugs that may be causing WiFi connectivity problems.

Solution 5: Double Check the WiFi Password Accuracy

Carefully re-enter the WiFi network password during the TV’s network setup process to rule out any typos or errors. Also verify the password is 100% accurate against the sticker on your router.

Solution 6: Switch the Wireless Channel on Your Router

Log into your router admin page and change the wireless channel setting from the default option to a less crowded channel like 1, 6 or 11. This will help avoid interference from nearby networks congesting the channels.

Solution 7: Assign a Static IP Address to the LG Smart TV

You can provide a fixed IP address to the TV which will prevent any conflicts with the IP address assignments being handled by the router’s DHCP server. Instructions for assigning a static IP can be found in your router admin tools.

Solution 8: Adjust the Physical Direction of Your Router’s Antennas

If your router has external adjustable antennas, try angling or pointing the antennas to optimize the direction of the wireless signal toward the physical location of the LG TV. Even slight adjustments can help focus and strengthen the signal.

Solution 9: Use Ethernet Cables for Other Nearby Devices


wifi not connecting to lg tv

For any other nearby devices like gaming consoles or smart speakers that don’t actually need wireless connectivity, use ethernet cables to connect them instead. This will reduce congestion and free up bandwidth on your WiFi network available for your LG TV.

Solution 10: Lower the 2.4GHz Bandwidth on Your Router

Log into your router admin page and lower the 2.4GHz WiFi band channel bandwidth from 40MHz wide to 20MHz wide. Reducing bandwidth congestion will decrease interference and improve connectivity.

Solution 11: Analyze WiFi Signals in Your Home Using Apps

Use handy smartphone apps like WiFi Analyzer (Android) or WiFi Explorer (iOS) to visually map the nearby WiFi signals, channels, interference, dead zones and other environment factors that may be causing WiFi problems in your home.

Solution 12: Disconnect Any Unused Smart Devices From the Network


wifi not connecting to lg tv

Temporarily removing inactive phones, tablets, laptops and other devices will free up valuable wireless bandwidth for your LG smart TV connection.

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Solution 13: Contact Your Internet Service Provider for Assistance

If you continue experiencing WiFi issues after trying the steps above, contact your ISP support for additional assistance. They can analyze connection speeds and signals at your modem and upstream to help identify any issues originating outside your home’s network.

Solution 14: Consider Installing a Wireless Range Extender

If relocating your router closer to your LG TV isn’t feasible, installing a wireless range extender is an affordable option to boost WiFi signal strength for improved connectivity.

Solution 15: Upgrade Your Router to a Newer Model

If your router is several years old, investing in a newer model with the latest wireless technology, expanded range, better antennas and more processing power can significantly improve WiFi connectivity and performance for your LG TV.

Additional Tips for Troubleshooting LG TV WiFi Problems

Here are some additional troubleshooting tips for diagnosing and resolving WiFi connection issues with your LG smart television:

  • Check if other devices are having WiFi problems or if it’s isolated to the LG TV. This can help pinpoint router vs TV issues.
  • Try connecting the LG TV to other wireless networks like a mobile hotspot to test if the problem is your home network.
  • Factory reset the LG TV to wipe all settings and reconnect from scratch if needed.
  • Use a WiFi analyzer app to check signal strength at the TV location and identify sources of interference.
  • Temporarily disable security like WEP/WPA on the router if connections fail during password entry.
  • Update network drivers and firmware for both router and LG TV. Check LG website for TV updates.
  • Make sure TV WiFi antenna is not blocked or obstructed, which can degrade signal reception.
  • Verify router wireless settings match TV network needs (802.11b/g/n/ac).
    Change router DNS server settings from ISP default servers to Google or OpenDNS.
  • Reset router to factory default settings and reconfigure network from scratch if issues persist.
  • Purchase a wireless repeater if router cannot be moved closer to the problematic LG TV location.

With persistent testing and troubleshooting using these tips, you should be able to resolve most “wifi not connecting to LG tv” problems and restore smooth wireless performance. Be sure to also check your device manuals for any specific instructions. Don’t hesitate to contact LG TV technical assistance if issues continue despite best troubleshooting efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions About LG TV WiFi Connectivity Issues

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about troubleshooting WiFi not connecting to LG TV problems with LG smart televisions:

1. Why does my LG TV connect but then lose WiFi?

This can be caused by a weak signal, interference from congested wireless channels, bandwidth overload from too many devices, or bugs in outdated router firmware. Refer to the solutions above to troubleshoot and resolve.

2. Why is the WiFi signal icon showing low bars?

The WiFi antenna in the LG TV may be obstructed or located too far from the router. Also check for interference from appliances, walls, or other obstructions weakening the signal. Relocating the router closer often improves signal strength.

3. WiFi not connecting to LG TV but ethernet works fine. Why?

This points to an issue with your WiFi network rather than the LG TV hardware. Work through the troubleshooting tips listed to resolve your wireless network connectivity problems.

4. I entered the WiFi password correctly but it keeps saying incorrect password?

Double and triple check the password as any small typo will prevent access. Also try deleting the saved network profile and re-entering the password carefully.

5. How do I check for firmware updates on my LG TV and router?

On your LG TV, check Settings > General > About This TV and update to the latest software version. For your router, log into the admin interface and look for any new firmware available.

6. Why does my LG TV lose internet connectivity even though WiFi bars show full?

This can indicate a bottleneck with your internet bandwidth being overloaded with too many connected devices. Try disconnecting devices not in active use to free up bandwidth. Also call your internet provider as they may need to upgrade your bandwidth speeds.

Conclusion: Resolving Frustrating LG TV WiFi Connectivity Problems

Frustrating WiFi connection issues don’t have to mean giving up on wireless streaming with your shiny new LG smart TV. In most cases, the WiFi not connecting to LG TV problems are caused by common wireless networking oversight or environmental factors, rather than actual device issues.

Hopefully this guide has provided some clarity on the main causes of the “wifi not connecting to LG tv” problems many owners face. More importantly, you now have 15 proven troubleshooting tips to methodically diagnose WiFi not connecting to LG TV problems and get smooth, reliable wireless performance from your LG television.

Be sure to also optimize your home network setup for ideal WiFi connectivity by centrally locating your router, upgrading older models, reducing interference from neighboring wireless networks where possible, and using a wireless extender if needed. Investing some time up front establishing a robust WiFi network will prevent problems and ensure your LG TV’s wireless performance is flawless for years to come.

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