Which Screw Sizes are Required for an LG TV Wall Mount in 2023: A Complete Guide to Enhance Your TV Viewing Experience!

Which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount? This is the question that troubles every beginner who is mounting his LG TV for the first time. Installing a wall mount for your new LG TV is an excellent way to save space while achieving a clean, modern look in your home entertainment setup. However, selecting the proper screw sizes specifically matched to your LG television model is crucial for safely and successfully mounting it on the wall.

Using screws that are either too small or too large for the VESA mounting holes can lead to a weak connection that will fail over time. This leaves your expensive TV at risk of crashing down. By understanding VESA patterns and following LG’s recommended screw sizing guidelines, you can feel confident your wall mount will stay strong and secure for many years.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key considerations of screw diameter, length, head shape, material, and matching the screws precisely to your LG TV’s VESA pattern. Follow these recommendations when purchasing screws and accessories for your upcoming TV installation project.

What is a VESA Mounting Pattern?

which screw sizes are required for an lg tv wall mount

Before answering the question i.e. which screw sizes are required for an lg tv wall mount, it is important to know that what is a VESA mounting pattern. The back panel of your LG television contains either 4 or 6 pre-drilled holes arranged in a square or rectangular shape. This standard hole pattern is referred to as the VESA mounting interface. VESA stands for the Video Electronics Standards Association, which created this standardized screw configuration to accommodate TV wall mounting brackets.

The important measurements are the horizontal and vertical distances between the holes, stated in millimeters. For example, a common VESA measurement is 400mm x 400mm. This means the holes are spaced 400mm apart left-to-right and 400mm apart top-to-bottom.

Common VESA measurements for LG TVs are:

  • 75 x 75 mm
  • 100 x 100 mm
  • 200 x 200 mm
  • 300 x 300 mm
  • 400 x 400 mm
  • 600 x 400 mm

LG helpfully labels their TVs on the back panel with the specific VESA size. You can also easily measure the hole spacing yourself if it is not marked.

Knowing your exact VESA pattern is key for choosing a wall mount bracket that is compatible. The bracket must align precisely with the holes on your TV to be installed securely.

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Which Screw Sizes are Required for an LG TV Wall Mount

1. Screw Sizing for Small LG TV Models

which screw sizes are required for an lg tv wall mount

For compact LG TVs with 32 inch screens or smaller, the most common VESA mounting pattern is 200 x 200 mm, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount. This includes popular small LG models such as:

  • 24” LG UM6900PUA Series
  • 27” LG UM6950DUB Series
  • 32” LG UM7300PUA Series

For these smaller TVs, the best screws to use for an LG TV wall mount are M4 or M5:

Diameter: 4mm for M4 screws or 5mm for M5 screws
Length: 30-35mm is optimal
Head Shape: Choose flat head or pan head screws
Material: Steel or stainless steel for maximum strength

The shorter 30-35mm length provides proper engagement when installing into standard wood wall studs. Ensuring you have the correct screw length for your wall type is key, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount.

Use all 4 of the VESA mounting holes for enhanced stability with smaller TVs, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount. Attaching at all corners securely supports the display and minimizes wobbling from small impacts.

2. Mid-Size LG TV Ideal Screw Sizes

which screw sizes are required for an lg tv wall mount

In the popular mid-size range from 32 inch screens to 55 inch screens, LG TVs typically have a VESA pattern of either 200 x 200 mm or 300 x 300 mm, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount. Some examples of mid-size models include:

  • 43” LG UM6900PUA Series
  • 55” LG UM7300PUA Series
  • 49” LG UM8070PUA Series

For these widely sold mid-sized TVs, use M6, M8, or M5 screws, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount:

  • Diameter: M6 (6mm diameter), M8 (8mm diameter) or M5 (5mm diameter)
  • Length: Ideal length is 35-50mm
  • Head: Opt for flat or pan head screws
  • Material: Steel and stainless steel screws are most durable

Pay attention to matching the screw length to the exact VESA pattern, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount. For a 200 x 200 mm spacing, 40-45mm screws work best. For the larger 300 x 300 mm pattern, go with a 45-50mm screw length instead, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount.

The slightly bigger M6 or M8 diameter (compared to smaller TVs) provides critical extra support needed for the increased weight of mid-size screens, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount. Durability is also boosted when using steel or stainless steel screws, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount.

3. Proper Screw Sizes for Large LG TV Models

which screw sizes are required for an lg tv wall mount

On LG’s largest LED smart TVs, ranging in size from 55 inches up to enormous 75+ inch screens, the most common VESA patterns are 400 x 400 mm and 600 x 400 mm, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount. Some examples of big screen LG models are:

  • 65” LG OLED65C2PUA
  • 75” LG 75UM6970PUA
  • 86” LG 86UM8070AUB

To safely and securely mount these heavy, big-screen TVs, use appropriately sized large screws, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount:

  • Diameter: M8 (8mm diameter) is ideal but M6 (6mm diameter) screws can also work
  • Length: 50-65mm length for full stud engagement
  • Head: Choose flat or pan head shape for maximum surface contact
  • Material: Steel and stainless steel for optimal strength

For the 400 x 400 mm pattern, 50-55mm length screws are recommended. For displays with the larger 600 x 400 mm VESA, go with 55-65mm length screws, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount. Carefully comparing your exact measurements ensures proper screw sizing.

The larger diameter M8 screws provide essential extra shear and pull-out strength to securely support these heavy TVs long-term, which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount. Stainless steel is best for corrosion resistance.

Matching Screws to VESA Patterns

To summarize the basic guidelines for selecting screws based on your LG TV’s VESA mounting pattern:

  • Small TVs with 200 x 200 mm pattern – M4 or M5 screws, 30-35mm length
  • Mid-size TVs with 200 x 200 or 300 x 300 mm patterns – M5, M6 or M8 screws, 35-50mm length
  • Large TVs with 400 x 400 or 600 x 400 mm patterns – M6 or M8 screws, 50-65mm length

Always check the manufacturer specs for your exact LG television model and match the screws accordingly. Refer to LG’s labeled VESA pattern or measure the mounting holes yourself if needed.

Shopping for Wall Mount-Ready LG TV Screws

With the measurements above, you can now shop confidently for screws guaranteed to fit your LG TV and wall mount. But keep these additional screw shopping tips in mind:

  • Measure your exact VESA hole spacing first to direct screw length
  • Opt for screws specifically engineered and labeled for TV mounting
  • Look for flat or pan head screws for maximum surface contact
  • Ensure screws have full threading to the head for strength
  • Choose steel or stainless steel screws for durability
  • Match screw head shape to recessed holes on your wall mount
  • Buy a complete mounting kit with TV-matched hardware included

Purchasing screws designed for wall mounts provides peace of mind over improvising with generic screws. LG also sells custom screw kits matched to VESA sizes if needed.

Pre-Drilling Essential Pilot Holes

Before ever driving any screws into your carefully marked stud or anchor points, take the vital step of pre-drilling guide holes for each screw approximately 1/2” deeper than the screw length. Using a power drill with the appropriate sized drill bit, pre-drilling prevents cracking, splintering and screw seizing during installation.

For softwood studs, use a 3/32” drill bit for the smaller M4 or M5 screws and a slightly larger 7/32” drill bit for M6 or M8 screws. For concrete or brick, use a 5/16” masonry drill bit. Allowing screws to slide smoothly into pre-drilled pilot holes is the best way to prevent stripping, snapping or weakening of the base material.

Washers Add Extra Installation Security

For enhanced pull-out protection against a heavy LG TV shifting or gradually working loose over time, consider using flat washers in combination with your mounting screws.

Washers help distribute shear and tension forces over a wider surface area for improved resistance to loosening. Simply place a washer under each screw head and another washer between the mount plate and TV back panel.

This braces and sandwiches the VESA mounting points to minimize slippage or rotation under load. While not mandatory, washers provide inexpensive insurance against vibrations or sudden impacts pulling screws loose, especially on extra large TV installs.

Carefully Tightening and Checking Screw Connections

With pre-drilled holes and your selected screws and washers in hand, carefully follow the detailed installation instructions included with both your wall bracket and LG TV. Tighten screws incrementally in an “X” pattern to evenly draw the TV back flush against the wall plate.

Use a low-torque, variable speed drill/driver to avoid over-tightening screws. Gradually tighten until snug, evenly engaging the mount without crushing the panel. Visually check around the panel perimeter for any gaps indicating uneven tightening.

Finally, firmly but gently pull or twist on the upper corners of the mounted TV to confirm no slippage or movement. Periodically check connections over time and retighten any loose screws as needed. Proper care while tightening and verifying screw installation results in secure TV mounting enjoyment for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Selecting Screw Sizes

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about which screw sizes are required for an LG TV wall mount:

What size screws do I need for a 55” LG TV?

For most 55” LG LED TVs, you’ll need M6 or M8 screws at 50-60mm length to match the 300x300mm or 400x400mm VESA pattern. Always check your exact model’s VESA pattern first.

What if my LG TV doesn’t have the VESA size listed anywhere?

If your TV doesn’t specify the VESA sizing, you can manually measure the horizontal and vertical distance between the mounting holes. Compare your measurements to standard VESA sizes to determine the appropriate screws.

Should I use the short screws included with my wall mount kit?

The screws provided in wall mount kits are often too short for attaching safely to wall studs. If the included hardware seems inadequate for your installation, purchase new screws based on LG’s recommended lengths for your TV’s screen size.

Is it okay to use plastic drywall anchors for an LG TV wall mount?

No, plastic drywall anchors lack the strength and stability for securely mounting a TV bracket. Always try to locate wooden wall studs and install the mount screws directly into the studs for maximum holding power.

Do I need special low-profile screws for mounting an ultra-thin LG OLED TV?

Actually, the latest thin LG OLED TVs use reinforced VESA mounting points that can handle standard screw lengths and diameters for their screen size. Just take extra care when tightening screws into an OLED panel to avoid cracking.

Should I use washers with the mounting screws for extra support?

Washers can provide an inexpensive extra layer of stability by distributing force over a wider surface area. Consider using washers on very large or heavy TV installs for added peace of mind.

How often should I check the screw tightness on my wall mounted LG TV?

It’s smart to carefully check all connections about once a year for any loosening over time. Tighten any screws that have worked free and confirm your TV is still securely attached to avoid safety issues. Don’t wait until you notice movement.


Selecting the ideal screw sizing specifically matched to your LG TV’s VESA mounting pattern is the key first step in a safe and successful wall mount installation. Take the time to accurately determine your needed screw diameter, length, head shape and material based on LG’s guidelines and your exact TV model’s dimensions and weight.

With properly sized screws purchased ahead of time, you can confidently tackle mounting your new LG television. Pre-drilling holes, using washers as needed, and methodically tightening screws leads to a sturdy, long-lasting TV wall installation ready to enjoy for years. All in all, this comprehensive guide will help you answer your question to which screw sizes are required for an lg tv wall mount.

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