15 Powerful Reasons Why LG TV Won’t Turn On and How to Easily Fix It

Turning on your television and being greeted with a blank black screen can be incredibly frustrating. You may be wondering: why won’t my LG TV turn on?

There are a variety of reasons an LG TV will fail to power on. The issue could be as minor as unplugged cables or a basic settings error. However, there can also be more complex underlying problems with the main board, power supply, or backlighting components.

The good news is that with systematic troubleshooting and diagnosis, you can identify the root cause and get your LG television working again. Knowing the possible explanations for why an LG TV won’t turn on will help you methodically isolate the problem.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide 15 of the most common reasons why LG TV won’t turn on. We’ll also give you actionable and proven tips to fix each potential issue based on its symptoms.

By the end, you’ll have the knowledge to troubleshoot any problems that are preventing your LG TV from turning on. Let’s get started!

15 Common Reasons Why LG TV Won’t Turn On

Below are 15 of the most probable explanations for why LG TV won’t turn on:

1. Power Cord Is Loose or Disconnected

One obvious but easy-to-fix reason your LG TV won’t turn on is a loose power cord connection. Make sure both ends of the power cable are plugged in fully and securely. Unplug it completely, and plug it back in for a tight connection.

You should also examine the power cord for any damaged wiring or bent prongs, which can prevent sufficient power supply. Try connecting the TV to a different electrical outlet as well to isolate any issues with a faulty outlet.

2. Main Power Switch Is Turned Off

reasons why lg tv won't turn on

Many LG TV models have a main power on/off switch located on the lower rear of the television. If this main switch is in the Off position, the LG TV will not turn on.

Double check that the switch is set to On. Toggle the switch a few times to ensure it is not stuck. If the switch seems damaged or non-functional, you may need professional TV repair help.

3. Batteries in Remote Control Are Dead

One of the most common and easy-to-resolve reasons an LG TV won’t turn on is dead batteries in the remote control. Swap out the old batteries with new ones and try pressing the power button again.

You can isolate whether the issue is with the remote versus the TV by pressing the power button directly on the TV set as well. Test with working batteries before assuming other problems.

4. Wrong Source/Input Is Selected on TV

reasons why lg tv won't turn on

Modern LG televisions have multiple input sources such as HDMI-1, HDMI-2, Component, etc. If the incorrect input is selected, the TV will not display a picture or appear to turn on.

Press the Input or Source button on your LG TV remote and cycle through the various inputs one-by-one. The TV may power on when you arrive at the correct input that is connected to your video source or device.

5. Loose HDMI or Power Cable Connections

reasons why lg tv won't turn on

Another simple possibility—cable connections can become loose over time from TV movement or wear and tear. This includes HDMI cables, component cables, and the power cord.

Inspect the cable connections in the back of the TV for any loose plugs. Firmly push in any cables that have become slightly unseated from their ports. Try securing cables with cable ties or wire looms.

6. Issues with LED Backlight System

Instead of traditional CCFL backlights, modern thin LG TVs use LED lighting arrays. Faulty LED strips or drivers can cause backlight issues that prevent the TV from powering on fully.

If pressing the power button elicits some flickering but no picture, there may be a failure in the LED backlight system. Replacing strips or even the entire backlight may be required.

7. Outdated, Corrupted, or Buggy Firmware

Problems with outdated or corrupt LG TV firmware can result in powering on issues. New firmware updates often fix bugs and provide improved stability.

Check that your LG TV has the newest firmware installed. If not, download firmware update files to a USB drive and install them. Also perform a factory reset after any interrupted update.

8. Short Circuit Due to Power Surge

Small shorts inside the TV resulting from electrical power surges can cause safety circuits to trip and prevent powering on. Listen for any popping noises indicating a short while trying to turn the TV on.

Thoroughly inspect the inside of the TV for any signs of components shorting out, burnt or damaged wiring. Reconnect any loose cables before restoring power.

9. Cracked or Damaged Ribbon Cables

reasons why lg tv won't turn on

Ribbon cables inside the TV transmit critical data signals between internal components. Damaged, cracked or disconnected ribbon cables can result in power on issues.

Look for any loose or improperly connected ribbon cables inside the chassis. Press firmly to reseat connections or have a technician replace any damaged cables.

10. TV Overheated and Safety Shutoff Tripped

Excessive dust and debris inside the TV blocking ventilation can cause overheating. The TV will not turn on again until it cools sufficiently.

Use compressed air to clear any blocked ventilation holes or fans of debris, dust and pet hair. Make sure the TV has adequate clearance on all sides.

11. Power Board Failure

reasons why lg tv won't turn on

The power supply board distributes electricity at various voltages to TV components. If the power board is damaged or faulty, the TV will be unable to turn on properly.

Look for symptoms like blinking standby light or burning smell to pinpoint a bad power supply board, which will likely need replacement by a repair technician.

12. Main Board Failure

The main board or motherboard essentially acts as the TV’s brain, controlling the pixel matrix and processors. If the main board malfunctions, the TV will not initialize and turn on.

Try unplugging the TV from power for 60 minutes to reset this delicate component. If it still won’t turn on, the main board may need professional service or replacement.

13. IR Sensor Board Failure

The IR sensor board allows the TV to receive remote control signals to power on. If this tiny IR receiver fails, the TV will not respond to the remote’s power button.

Inspect if the IR sensor LED blinks when pointing the remote and pressing buttons. If not, replacement of the IR sensor board is required.

14. TV Unplugged During Software Update

Interrupting a software or firmware update by unplugging the TV can corrupt key files needed for the TV to power on. This can leave the TV stuck in a loop.

Use the recovery mode procedure outlined in your manual to factory reset the TV. If recovery mode is not reachable, the main board may need service.

15. Faulty Power Supply Unit

Within the power supply, failed capacitors, fuses or transformers can prevent the proper voltages from being supplied to turn on the TV. Signs include the TV immediately turning back off or not turning on at all.

Replacements of individual damaged components in the power supply may be possible. For complete failure, the entire power supply unit will need replacement by a qualified technician.

Troubleshooting LG TV Power Issues

Now that you know the most common explanations for an LG TV power problem, here is a troubleshooting process to methodically diagnose the issue:

1. Check Power Cord and Electrical Connection

First, check that the AC power cord is securely inserted into the TV and plugged into a working electrical outlet. Examine the power cable for damage. Try connecting it to a different outlet.

2. Check Main Power Switch Position

Verify the main power switch on the back of the TV is in the On position, not Off. Toggle the switch a few times to ensure it is making proper contact.

3. Replace Dead Remote Control Batteries

If the remote won’t turn on the TV, first replace the batteries with fresh ones. Use the power button on the TV set to help rule out a faulty remote.

4. Check Input Source Is Correctly Set

Press the Input or Source buttons on the remote to cycle through the options. Select the input corresponding to the connected device.

5. Reconnect Any Loose Cables

Check TV ports for any loose HDMI, component, or other cables. Disconnect and firmly reconnect any loose cables.

6. Factory Reset TV and Update Firmware

Factory reset your LG TV to clear any software issues, and update to the newest firmware.

7. Professional Repair for Power Board, Main Board, etc.

For any issues internal to the TV like power board or main board failure, professional TV repair will be required.

Following these troubleshooting steps will methodically help isolate the reason for the power problem and direct you to the proper solution.

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Prevention Tips to Avoid Future LG TV Power Issues

Here are some tips to help avoid LG TV power issues going forward:

  • Keep firmware updated using USB drives to fix bugs and improve stability.
  • Periodically clean dust buildup from ventilation holes and fans.
  • Ensure adequate airflow clearance around the TV for ventilation.
  • Use a surge protector to protect against electrical spikes.
  • Secure and carefully handle cables to prevent loose connections.
  • Replace remote batteries frequently for optimal performance.

Additionally, having a professional TV repair technician perform preventative maintenance and TV diagnostic testing each year can help identify and resolve minor issues before they become major problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About LG TV Power Issues

Here are answers to some common questions related to troubleshooting an LG TV that won’t turn on:

Q: Why does my LG TV power on with no picture or black screen?

If the TV powers on but doesn’t show a picture, the issue is likely with the backlights or video signal. Try a different input source or cable connection. Faulty LED backlights may need professional service.

Q: How can I tell if my LG TV power problem is the main board or power supply?

The power board provides power to components while the main board controls video processing and signals. Signs of a bad power board include no standby light, burning smell, or immediately turning back off when powered on. A faulty main board may still have standby light but TV won’t turn on fully.

Q: What should I do if my LG TV has no sound but will turn on?

If the TV powers on and shows a picture but has no audio, the problem is with the internal speakers, audio circuits or connections. Try using external speakers or a sound bar to help diagnose where the audio issue lies.

Q: Why does my LG TV continuously click when trying to turn it on?

Continuous clicking noises during powering on indicate an issue with relay or voltage inside the power supply unit. This often requires professional repair or replacement of the power supply board or components.

Q: How can I reset my LG TV if the menus are not accessible?

If factory reset is inaccessible, use the forced recovery method outlined in your LG TV’s manual. This involves pressing a sequence of buttons on the TV set itself which will force a reset and reboot.


Dealing with an LG TV that refuses to turn on can certainly be frustrating. However, by using the troubleshooting guidance provided in this article, you should be able to precisely diagnose the underlying problem.

Many power issues like loose cables or input settings are simple fixes. Short circuits or faulty components may require help from a qualified TV repair technician.

Understanding the wide range of reasons for power problems will save you time, money and stress. With the right methodical troubleshooting process, you will have your beloved LG TV up and running again in no time.

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