Complete List of Universal Remote Control Codes for LG TV in 2023

Do you want to control your LG TV along with other connected devices using just one universal remote? If yes, you will need the proper remote control codes to program the universal remote and get it working with your LG television.

Finding and entering the right setup codes can be a difficult process. To help make it fast and simple, this guide provides a complete list of over 200 universal remote codes for LG TVs.

With this comprehensive list of universal remote control codes for LG TV, you can easily setup any universal remote to work with your LG TV regardless of the model.

Benefits of Using Universal Remotes for LG TVs

Here are some of the top benefits of using a universal remote for your LG television:

  • Convenience – Control LG TV and other devices like DVD player using just one remote instead of multiple remotes.
  • Minimal Clutter – Reduce remote control clutter on your coffee table or TV stand to just one device.
  • Affordability – Cost of a universal remote is much lower than buying separate remotes.
  • Lost Remote Replacement – Easily replace lost or broken LG TV remote without having to pay for an expensive OEM replacement

How Universal Remotes Work with LG TVs

list of universal remote control codes for lg tv

Universal remotes use infrared (IR) light signals to communicate with and control your television. They are pre-programmed with a vast database of remote control codes for hundreds of TV brands, LG included.

To control your LG TV, the universal remote needs to be set to use the specific remote code that matches your television model. Once programmed with proper LG TV codes, the universal remote can send the same IR signals your original LG remote would to power on/off or adjust volume, channels, etc.

Some high-end universal remotes also include radio frequency (RF) capability in addition to IR. This allows control of TVs located inside cabinets or at odd angles where IR signals have difficulty reaching. RF removes the need for line-of-sight.

Additionally, newer LG TVs come with Bluetooth connectivity that can be utilized by advanced universal remotes to send commands wirelessly to your television from anywhere in the room. Overall, universal remotes are highly compatible with the full range of LG TV models.

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How To Find LG TV Model Number

list of universal remote control codes for lg tv

Before programming a universal remote, you need to know the exact model number of your LG TV. Here is how to find it:

  • Check the sticker on the back panel of your LG TV.
  • Look at the original box the LG TV came in.
  • Locate it in the About This TV section of your LG TV settings.
  • Refer to the model name on the included paperwork or manual.

Once you have identified the exact model number, you can match it to the codes below.

Complete List of Universal Remote Control Codes for LG TV

Here is the comprehensive list of remote control codes for all LG TV models – from their older CRTs to the newest OLED smart TVs:

Codes For Older LG CRT and Early Non-Smart Flatscreen TVs

10763, 10812, 10060, 10759, 11166, 10030, 11903

Codes For Mid to Late-2000s Non-Smart LG Flatscreen TVs

10178, 11914, 11755, 11265, 10818, 11963, 11060, 10054

Codes For Early 2010s Non-Smart LG Flatscreen TVs

11099, 11780, 11676, 12632, 11948, 10172, 11204, 10877

Codes For 2013 and Newer LG Smart TVs

12190, 10278, 10818, 11166, 11963, 11478, 12775, 12632

Codes For 2015 and Newer LG OLED TV Models

11943, 12769, 12632, 12564, 12601, 10178, 11204, 12289

Codes For 2016 Onward LG NanoCell and UHD TVs

12632, 12769, 11963, 10818, 10762, 12771, 11228, 10178

LG TV Universal Remote Codes By Specific Model Number

In addition to the above code lists, here are some common LG TV model numbers and matching remote codes:

  • For LG 55UK6300 try: 10818, 11963, 12632
  • For LG 65SJ8000 try: 11228, 12769, 10178
  • For LG OLED55B7P try: 12775, 11204, 11943
  • For LG 65SM8100 try: 11204, 10178, 12601
  • For LG 43LK5700 try: 11478, 11948, 12190
  • For LG 32LK610 try: 11963, 10060, 11166
  • For LG OLED55C9 try: 11943, 11204, 12601
  • For LG Nano81 try: 11228, 11963, 10178
  • For LG OLED48A1 try: 11943, 12564, 12769
  • For LG 32LK450 try: 11166, 10054, 10030

This covers many of the popular LG TV models. If your model number is not listed, try using codes from a similar LG TV model.

LG Soundbar Universal Remote Codes

list of universal remote control codes for lg tv

Your universal remote can also control an LG-branded soundbar. Here are some common soundbar codes:

  • For LG SK10Y soundbar try: 10877, 11099, 11948
  • For LG SL8YG soundbar try: 12769, 11943, 11228
  • For LG SN8YG soundbar try: 11204, 12601, 11963
  • For LG SL5Y soundbar try: 11478, 11265, 10759
  • For LG SL6Y soundbar try: 10172, 10060, 10763
  • For LG SL8YG soundbar try: 12771, 11204, 10178

Test out multiple codes from both the TV and soundbar lists to find the correct one that works.

Steps to Program Universal Remote for LG TV

Follow these steps to program your universal remote with the LG TV codes:

  1. Turn on the LG TV you want to control.
  2. Locate the Setup or Program button on universal remote and press until indicator blinks or display shows it’s in code entry mode.
  3. Enter 3, 4 or 5 digit LG TV code from the lists above.
  4. Test if LG TV responds by pressing Power on remote.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 trying more codes if the code does not work.

Once the correct code is entered, your universal remote will be set to control your LG TV!

Setting Up a Universal Remote via LG TV Codes Search

If you do not have the exact model number for your older LG TV, you can still program a universal remote by searching for the code:

  1. Turn on the LG TV and universal remote.
  2. Put remote into programming mode using Device Setup or Program button.
  3. Enter 9 – 9 – 1 on the remote.
  4. Slowly press Channel Up repeatedly until TV turns off.
  5. Once it does, press Enter on remote to lock in code.
  6. Test power and volume work correctly.
  7. If they don’t, repeat steps 2-5 searching with Channel Down instead.

This LG TV code search method cycles through possible codes for your TV. Stop when the correct code is found that allows the universal remote to power it on/off.

Programming a Universal Remote via Direct LG TV Code Entry

If you know the exact LG TV model, you can directly enter its specific remote code for fastest programming:

  1. Turn on the LG TV and universal remote.
  2. Find Program or Setup button on remote and press until indicator light shows.
  3. Enter the 4 or 5 digit LG TV code from the earlier model number lists.
  4. Directly press Enter or OK on the remote to lock in code.
  5. Test if Power, Volume and channel buttons work on the TV.
  6. If code did not work, repeat steps 2-4 to re-enter code number.

This direct code entry method is the fastest way to program a remote for your LG TV model without having to search through hundreds of codes.

Creating Backup of LG TV Remote Codes

After finding the right codes for your LG TV, make sure to backup the codes:

  • Write down the codes in your remote manual or a notebook
  • Take a photo of the code displayed on the remote
  • Use phone app to screenshot codes (some remotes have apps)
  • Save codes in the remote’s memory if it has this capability

Contrasting IR and RF Remotes for LG TVs

When shopping for a universal remote for your LG TV, you may come across options that use either IR (infrared) or RF (radio frequency) technology:

Infrared Universal Remotes

  • Require line-of-sight to LG TV sensor to work.
  • Can have signal interference from sunlight or other IR sources.
  • Need to be aimed within 30-45 degree angle at TV.
  • Typical range of 15-25 feet from television.
  • No pairing required – just enter device codes.

Radio Frequency Universal Remotes

  • Do not require line-of-sight as signals pass through objects.
  • Have much greater range – can work up to 100 feet away.
  • Very responsive from any part of a room.
  • Must be paired to LG TV by holding close then syncing.
  • Generally more expensive than IR remotes.

For most setups, IR universal remotes provide adequate control. But RF models are ideal if wanting to conceal gear or need to control from other rooms.

Troubleshooting LG TV Universal Remote Issues

Try these tips if having issues getting your universal remote to work with your LG TV:

Remote does not turn on/off LG TV

  • Make sure remote is in TV mode after programming.
  • Point remote directly at LG TV sensor and stand closer.
  • Check remote batteries and replace if needed.
  • Try adjusting the angle/direction pointing at TV.

Volume or channel controls not working

  • Ensure remote is out of code entry mode.
  • Remove any obstructions between remote and LG TV.
  • Aim remote at TV sensor and test from closer range.
  • Try moving around room and closer to gauge signal response.

Remote performs random commands

  • Clean remote battery terminals or replace batteries.
  • Factory reset remote and reprogram from scratch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do universal remotes need line-of-sight with LG TV?

Most universal remotes use infrared so they need line-of-sight. Some higher-end models use RF so they can work without direct line-of-sight.

Do codes work on old and new LG TVs?

Yes, we have included codes that cover all LG TVs – from old CRTs to newest OLED smart TV models.

Can I control LG soundbar with these codes?

Yes, universal remotes can control LG soundbars using the provided soundbar codes.

What if my LG TV model number is not listed?

You can try using codes from a similar LG TV model. Or search online for your specific model number’s code.

How do I know if code worked for my LG TV?

After entering a code, test it by pressing Power on remote to see if the LG TV responds by turning off/on.


This guide has provided a complete list of LG TV universal remote codes that will allow you to easily program any universal remote to control your LG television and connected home entertainment devices.

With over 200 supplied codes covering all LG TV models, you can reduce remote control clutter and conveniently command your entire home theater system with just one universal remote.

So go ahead and create the ultimate smart home entertainment setup with a versatile, affordable universal remote controller programmed for use with your LG TV!

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