“lg tv turns on but the screen is black” – Fix This Annoying LG TV Issue in 15 Easy Ways

Having your LG TV turn on but only show a black screen can be incredibly frustrating. If you are dealing with the “lg tv turns on but the screen is black” problem, this comprehensive troubleshooting guide will help resolve the issue for good. We’ll walk through 15 proven fixes to get your LG TV back up and running.

What Causes an LG TV to Turn On But Have a Black Screen?

There are a few common causes for an LG TV powering on but displaying only a black screen:

  • Faulty or loose video cable connections – If the cables connecting your LG TV to devices like a cable box are loose or faulty, this can cause a black screen even when the TV is on.
  • Incorrect input source selected – Modern LG TVs have multiple HDMI ports. If the wrong one is selected, it will show a black screen.
  • Outdated or corrupt firmware – A firmware bug or outdated version can lead to display issues like a black screen. Resetting or updating the firmware usually resolves this.
  • Faulty components – Issues with internal cables or boards like the LED/LCD backlights and T-CON board can prevent an image from displaying.
  • Power supply problems – If the TV’s power supply unit is damaged or inconsistent, that could cause a black screen.

15 Troubleshooting to Fix an LG TV that Turns On but has a Black Screen

1. Check Your Video Cable Connections

lg tv turns on but the screen is black

The first thing to check is that all of your video cables are securely inserted into the correct ports on both the LG TV and your media source/device. Make sure the cables are plugged in all the way on both ends. If any cable is loose, push it in completely.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the video cables to re-seat them. Test different cables if possible to rule out a faulty cord. For best results, use high-speed HDMI cables to connect media devices like Blu-ray players or games consoles.

2. Try Different Video Sources and Inputs

If your LG TV powers on but simply shows a black screen, try switching to different input sources like HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Component, AV, etc. You can usually switch inputs by pressing the Input or Source button on your TV remote.

Cycle through each input option while the TV is on to determine if one displays a picture normally. Also test different external media devices like a cable box, DVD/Blu-ray player, or games console on each input port to isolate the issue.

3. Reset Your Connected Devices

Issue the power reset sequence for any media devices like cable boxes that are connected to your LG TV. Unplug the device power cord for 20-30 seconds, plug it back in, then turn the device on.

If the problem persists, unplug and reset your LG TV as well using the same power reset sequence. This can clear any software/display glitches causing the black screen.

4. Adjust Picture Settings on the LG TV

lg tv turns on but the screen is black

It’s possible the brightness or backlight setting is just turned down or off completely. Using the LG remote, go into the Picture settings menu. Under Picture Mode, make sure an option like Standard, Vivid, or Cinema is selected, rather than Eco/Energy Saving.

Bump up the brightness, backlight, and contrast settings significantly. See if this brings back the picture. Be sure to also check that the on-screen display (OSD) is enabled in the menu options.

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5. Factory Reset the LG TV

Resetting your LG TV to factory default settings can solve many issues, including a stuck black screen. Just be aware this will erase any customization.

To factory reset, press the Menu button on your LG remote, then select the Support or Settings menu. Open General > Reset to Factory Settings. Enter your PIN code if prompted. Select Yes on the confirmation message. The TV will reset and reboot.

6. Update LG TV Firmware

An outdated version or glitch in the TV software/firmware could result in a black screen on startup. Check for a firmware update for your specific LG TV model. You can usually update the firmware via USB drive, or with an over-the-air update.

Consult the TV support page and user manual to download the firmware file and read the installation instructions. Performing the update should resolve any display bugs or incompatibilities.

7. Try LG TV Picture Test and Self-Diagnosis Modes

lg tv turns on but the screen is black

LG has built-in troubleshooting features on their TVs that can detect issues causing a black screen. Access the Self Diagnosis menu, then select Picture Test. The TV will cycle through test patterns to determine if the LCD panel and backlight system are functioning.

You can also try the sound test mode as well to confirm audio issues vs. strictly display problems. Use the remote to navigate through each test pattern. This can reveal insights on the root cause.

8. Check for Power Issues

In some cases, the problem may be related to inconsistent, unstable or insufficient power delivery to your LG TV.

Check that the wall outlet is working properly and delivering consistent 110-120v power. Try using a surge protector or connecting the TV to a different outlet.

Also check the wall mounting, cords and cables to ensure the power brick and ports are not damaged, bent or loosening connectivity. Faulty components like frayed power cords can interrupt or restrict power flow.

9. Inspect T-CON Board, Ribbons and Lights

lg tv turns on but the screen is black

The T-CON board converts signal input into imagery that is then displayed on the screen. Faulty ribbon cables connecting the panel to the board or damaged LED/LCD components can show power but no picture.

Carefully inspect the T-CON board and cables/ribbons. Check if any pins are bent or missing. Look for corrosion or burned spots on the PCB. Ensure the backlight LEDs are operational. Replace any damaged parts.

Be extremely cautious when handling internal electronics and only attempt repairs if qualified. Getting professional service may be safest if the issue seems hardware-related.

10. Try Different Remote Control

It’s an easy thing to overlook, but sometimes the LG remote develops issues that could impact the display.

Attempt to use a different LG remote and press buttons like Power, Input, Menu, Picture Mode, etc. If the remote was sending faulty signals, this could have caused the TV screen to get stuck.

11. Unplug All Accessories and Devices

If you have any devices like soundbars, streaming sticks or gaming systems plugged into the LG TV, disconnect everything.

Turn the TV off, unplug all accessories from the ports and power outlet, then turn the television back on. See if it powers up with a normal picture now. If so, plug the devices back in one-by-one to isolate the problem.

12. Check for Overheating Issues

Electronics can malfunction or even shut down if they overheat. Dust buildup inside the LG TV or poor ventilation can cause overheating.

Make sure your LG TV has several inches of clearance on all sides and the vents are not blocked. Open the cabinet to check for excessive dust accumulating inside. Use compressed air to gently clean out the inside of the TV if needed.

13. Attempt a Power Cycle

Some black screen issues can be fixed with a simple power cycling. This clears temporary glitches and resets the components.

Turn the LG TV off fully by unplugging the power cord. Wait 1-2 minutes then plug it back in and turn the television on. The extended power cycle can clear any stuck processes causing display issues.

14. Contact LG Support for Assistance

LG offers television support through email, phone and online chat. You can contact their customer care team for troubleshooting help if the above steps don’t resolve your black screen problem.

Provide your full television model number, purchase date and details on the issue. LG can help diagnose the fault and may offer repair or replacement options if your TV is under warranty.

15. Consider Professional TV Repair

For hardware or power supply problems, professional TV repair may be necessary. A certified technician has the skills, tools and parts to fully inspect the LG television and correctly identify internal issues causing the black screen.

Look for TV repair pros experienced with LG products and display troubleshooting. Component-level repair or replacement can often resolve difficult power on but no picture problems.

FAQ on “lg tv turns on but the screen is black”

Here are some frequently asked questions about fixing the problem of an LG TV powering on with only a black screen:

What should I check first if my LG TV has sound but no picture?

Start by verifying your video cable connections. Make sure cables are fully inserted into the correct ports on the TV and media devices. Try different cables to test for any defects.

Why does my LG TV screen stay black when turning on?

Common causes include incorrect input selected, loose cable connections, corrupt firmware, faulty hardware components, and power supply issues. Methodically troubleshoot each possibility to isolate the root cause.

How do I reset an LG TV with black screen?

You can factory reset your LG TV through the Settings menu. Go to Support > General > Reset to Factory Settings. This will erase settings and clear up software issues.

My LG TV powers on but the screen stays black. Is it broken?

Not necessarily. A black screen on startup often just indicates a connectivity, settings, or software issue. Try the various troubleshooting steps like factory resetting before assuming full TV failure.

Should I get professional repair for an LG black screen of death?

For persistent hardware-related problems, professional TV repair may be able to properly diagnose and fix internal issues you can’t resolve yourself. Get an estimate before agreeing to costly TV repair.


Having your LG TV turn on but only display a black screen is a common frustration. However, there are several effective troubleshooting tips you can follow to get your TV’s picture back on track. Methodically verifying video connections, cables, input sources, settings, firmware, and power can help isolate the issue. LG support and professional TV repair provide additional troubleshooting and repair options for tricky cases related to hardware failure. With persistence and by eliminating each potential culprit, the annoying “lg tv turns on but the screen is black” problem can usually be resolved.

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