LG TV Airplay not Working – 15 Quick Fixes to Troubleshoot the Issue

AirPlay allows you to wirelessly stream content from your Apple devices to your LG smart TV. It makes casting videos, photos, music and more extremely convenient.

However, many LG TV owners face issues with “lg tv airplay not working”. If AirPlay is not working on your LG TV, this comprehensive guide covers 15 fixes to resolve the problems.

What is AirPlay and How It Works on LG TVs

AirPlay is an Apple proprietary protocol that lets you stream media seamlessly from Apple devices to AirPlay-enabled smart TVs, speakers and other receivers.

LG smart TVs have built-in support for AirPlay. This means you can directly cast content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to your LG TV screen without any additional hardware.

AirPlay on LG TVs uses your home WiFi network to stream content. Your Apple device and LG TV must connect to the same wireless network for AirPlay to work.

To cast content via AirPlay, simply tap the AirPlay icon in the app’s interface and select your LG TV from the list of available AirPlay devices. This will stream the content directly to your TV.

Common “LG TV Airplay Not Working” Problems

While AirPlay makes streaming convenient, many LG TV owners face issues like:

  • LG TV not showing up on AirPlay device list
  • Frequent AirPlay disconnections or stalling
  • AirPlay lag and stutter during video streaming
  • “Connection failed” or other error messages
  • AirPlay stops working after TV or router restart
  • LG TV was working before but now AirPlay fails

If you see errors like these and AirPlay is not working reliable on your LG TV, don’t worry. The solutions below will help fix the problems for smooth streaming again.

Fix 1: Check AirPlay Settings on LG TV

lg tv airplay not working

The first thing to check is whether AirPlay is enabled on your LG TV. AirPlay might be disabled in the settings which prevents your TV from being discovered.

To verify:

  • Press Settings on your LG TV remote.
  • Go to the “Connection” or “Inputs” section.
  • Ensure options like “LG AirPlay”, “Home Sharing”, “Apple AirPlay” are ON.

Enabling AirPlay in TV settings should make your LG TV visible for AirPlay casting. Also check for a “AirPlay Security” option and enable it if available.

Fix 2: Update LG TV Software

An outdated LG webOS version can also cause AirPlay problems.

Go to Settings > General > About This TV > Check for Updates on your LG TV.

Installing the latest LG webOS update often fixes AirPlay bugs and issues. Update the TV software even if the current version looks latest.

Fix 3: Restart Your LG TV and Router

A simple restart can resolve temporary glitches preventing Airplay from working correctly.

First, unplug the power cords of your LG TV and router for one minute. Then, plug them back in and switch them ON.

This refresh of your TV and router fixes AirPlay connectivity issues in many cases. Restarting flushes out any software glitches.

Fix 4: Check and Update Apple Device Software

lg tv airplay not working

Outdated iOS/iPadOS/macOS versions can disrupt AirPlay connectivity.

Ensure your Apple device has the latest software installed. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for and install updates.

Updating to the newest iOS/iPadOS/macOS improves compatibility with AirPlay on your LG TV. Keeping system software up-to-date is important.

Fix 5: Connect Apple Device and LG TV to Same WiFi

For AirPlay to work, your Apple device and LG TV must connect to the same wireless network.

On your Apple device, check WiFi settings and ensure connection to the same router as your LG TV. Stay near the router when testing AirPlay.

Using the same WiFi network eliminates issues that can degrade AirPlay performance. Also move closer to the router.

Fix 6: Disable 5 GHz WiFi Band on Router

If your router broadcasts dual bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), it can cause AirPlay problems.

Log into your router settings and disable the 5 GHz band. Keep only the 2.4 GHz network enabled. Reconnect your LG TV and Apple device to this network.

AirPlay works better with 2.4 GHz networks. Disabling 5 GHz can fix wireless issues.

Fix 7: Reset Network Settings on Apple Device

lg tv airplay not working

Resetting all network settings on your iPhone, iPad or Mac can resolve AirPlay difficulties.

On iOS, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will erase all WiFi details and reset connectivity issues.

On Mac, go to System Preferences > Network > Location > Edit Locations > Select your connection > Remove Configuration.

Now rejoin your WiFi and test AirPlay again.

Fix 8: Mirror Apple Device Screen Before Streaming

When streaming videos or photos, try mirroring your iOS/Mac screen first before casting content.

Swipe up from bottom of your iPhone/iPad and enable Screen Mirroring. On Mac, choose your TV from the menu bar icon.

Mirroring first sets up a steady AirPlay connection. Now open the app and stream the content.

Fix 9: Move Apple Device Closer to WiFi Router

Weak WiFi signals between your Apple device and router can break AirPlay connectivity.

Physically move your iPhone/iPad nearer to the wireless router when using AirPlay. This boosts the signal strength for more reliable wireless performance.

Fix 10: Temporarily Disable Firewalls and Security Software

Firewalls and antivirus apps can occasionally obstruct AirPlay connections.

Temporarily disable any firewalls, antivirus or security suites on your devices to see if that fixes AirPlay problems. Remember to re-enable security software afterwards.

Fix 11: Create Dedicated Wireless Network for AirPlay

Too many devices connected to your main router can overload the network and affect AirPlay.

A workaround is to set up a separate WiFi network just for your LG TV and Apple devices using a range extender, second router or wireless hotspot. Connect them to this dedicated network for interference-free AirPlay.

Fix 12: Factory Reset LG TV

If the above tips don’t work, consider a factory reset of your LG TV. This will erase all settings and restore your TV to original factory condition.

Go to Settings > General > Reset to Factory Settings on your LG TV.

Once your LG TV reboots fresh, reconfigure AirPlay and check if it starts working properly. Remember to backup your settings before resetting.

Fix 13: Update Router Firmware

lg tv airplay not working

Outdated router firmware can degrade AirPlay connectivity.

Check the router manufacturer’s website for new firmware versions. Download and install the latest firmware to get bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

Keep your router firmware updated for best performance.

Fix 14: Replace HDMI Cable

Some users have reported AirPlay working after replacing the HDMI cable between TV and receiver/soundbar. Try a new high-speed HDMI cable for improved connectivity.

Fix 15: Extend WiFi Coverage

If your WiFi router is located far away from TV, the weak signals can disrupt AirPlay. Extend coverage using a wireless extender or WiFi mesh system.

Improving WiFi coverage in your home delivers stronger wireless signals needed for stable AirPlay streaming.

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Additional Tips for Better AirPlay Performance

Here are some bonus tips to improve AirPlay speed, stability and streaming:

  • Set TV resolution to 1080p instead of 4K when using AirPlay to reduce bandwidth requirements. The lower resolution results in fewer glitches.
  • Close unused apps on your iPhone/iPad/Mac for AirPlay. Too many running apps congest the device which affects streaming.
  • Disconnect other devices from WiFi that are not being used. The fewer connections to the router, the better AirPlay works.
  • Try rebooting your cable modem and router if you face frequent buffering or disconnections during AirPlay. This re-establishes the internet and wireless connections.
  • Connect your Apple TV to wired Ethernet if possible for more reliable AirPlay performance compared to WiFi.
  • Adjust router channel width to 20 MHz instead of 40 MHz as the smaller channel offers better AirPlay compatibility.

FAQs about Fixing “LG TV Airplay Not Working”

Why is my LG TV not showing up on AirPlay?

If your LG TV is not visible on the AirPlay device list, it’s likely because AirPlay is disabled in the TV settings. Go to your TV settings and turn on AirPlay. Also check for firmware updates.

Why does AirPlay disconnect or stop streaming after some time?

Frequent AirPlay disconnections are often due to weak WiFi signals or interference from too many devices on your network. Try fixes like moving closer to the router, creating a dedicated wireless network or reducing devices connected to WiFi.

How do I troubleshoot AirPlay lag or stuttering issues?

For laggy or stuttering AirPlay streams, first restart your TV and router. Also update software on Apple device and LG TV, disable 5 GHz WiFi (if dual band router) and move your Apple device physically closer to the wireless router.

Why is AirPlay not working only for some apps?

If AirPlay works for some apps but fails in others, it is likely an app-specific compatibility issue. Check for any updates from the app developer to resolve bugs with AirPlay integration. Try mirroring the entire iOS screen instead of directly casting from the problematic app.

AirPlay was working before but now fails, why?

If AirPlay worked previously but now fails, it is likely due to a recent software update or network change. Try downgrading software if updates occurred recently. Also reboot devices and router to refresh connections.

How do I improve AirPlay speed and quality?

For better AirPlay speed and video/audio quality, move your Apple device closer to the WiFi router. Reduce devices on the network. Set TV resolution to 1080p instead of 4K. Or connect TV and Apple TV via Ethernet if possible.


AirPlay offers easy and seamless streaming of content from Apple devices to your LG smart TV. But AirPlay connectivity problems like “lg tv airplay not working” can occur at times.

We hope this detailed troubleshooting guide has helped you resolve AirPlay issues on your LG TV using appropriate solutions. Bookmark this comprehensive page and refer to it whenever you face problems with AirPlay in future.

With the right fixes, you can enjoy flawless and convenient AirPlay streaming on your LG television.

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