15 Simple Steps to Easily Find Out How Can I Determine Which LG TV Model I Own

Trying to figure out exactly which LG TV model you have can be confusing with so many similar model numbers and variations. However, properly identifying your specific LG television model is very important to ensure you get the correct accessories, remotes, stands, wall mounts, cables, and support.

Follow this detailed guide to easily find out how can i determine which lg tv model i own using 15 simple steps.

Steps to Find Out How Can I Determine Which LG TV Model I Own

1. Carefully Check the Label on the Back or Underside of the TV

how can i determine which lg tv model i own

The quickest and often easiest way to identify which LG TV model you have is to check for the model number printed on a label on the back or underside/bottom of the actual television.

You should look for a sticker, engraving, or other text on the rear or underside panel that contains the full model number. LG prints these identifiers at the factory so consumers can clearly determine the exact model.

LG television model numbers are alphanumeric codes, usually containing a combination of letters and numbers such as OLED55B9PUA for an OLED TV or 49UM6900PUA for an LED TV. The full model number may also include additional country and region codes like OLED55C9PUA-UJ.

Remember that the model number and other identifiers physically printed on a label on the back or underside of the TV itself will definitively tell you the exact model you own. This is the fastest and most reliable method before exploring any others.

Carefully examine the entire rear and underside panels to find this label. Use a bright flashlight or your phone’s flashlight to better see the label if needed, especially if the TV is wall-mounted. Wipe off any dust or debris covering the label to read it clearly.

2. Inspect the Original Factory Packaging and Box

how can i determine which lg tv model i own

If you still happen to have the original factory packaging box and styrofoam or other internal packing materials for your LG television, check for the model name and number printed on the box.

LG uniformly prints the full model number, serial number, and other identification specifications on the sides and bottom of the official packing boxes used to package the TVs at the factory before shipping to retailers.

So the original box the TV came in will have large labels or direct printing/engraving that displays the essential model name and number – example 55UM7300PUA. This factory packaging can definitively tell you the model just like the TV label does.

Also look for a barcode and serial number on the box. While not definitive for model identification, these serial numbers and barcodes can provide supplemental information to help narrow down your exact model from its production batch.

If you happen to have the instruction manuals, warranty information, spec sheet, or other documentation that came in the box, check there too for model information printed directly on the materials.

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3. Check Instruction Manuals and Warranty Paperwork for Model Number

The included instruction manuals, quick-start guides, warranty cards, and other paperwork that originally came with your LG television will often have the full model name and number printed directly on the front cover and first interior pages.

For example, an LG C9 OLED manual would be labeled as “OLED55C9PUA” or similar on the front and interior pages. Checking this paperwork can provide quick and definitive model identification without having to dig into menus or other difficult steps.

If you don’t know where these original materials are, carefully look through storage areas near where the TV is currently located. Also check filing cabinets, shelves, drawers, boxes, bags, and other locations you may have stashed away the paperwork when you first purchased the television and set it up.

Carefully go through any paperwork you find near the TV setup to locate manuals, warranty cards, spec sheets or other materials with the LG model printed on them. These can confirm the exact model you purchased.

4. Examine Remote Control for Any Model Number References

Surprisingly, many LG television remote controls actually have the full model number or partial model name of the television printed directly on the remote control body itself.

Check the bottom or rear side of the LG remote control and look for a series of numbers and letters, often formatted like “LG OLED55C8PUA” or similar. Oftentimes the remote will have a sticker, engraving, or printing with at least a partial model identifier.

This model information is printed on the remote control primarily for LG’s inventory and distribution purposes, but can serve as another useful way to identify the television model.

Some remotes may only have general model names like “OLED C8 Series” printed, but this can still provide supplemental clues when used along with other identification methods.

So don’t overlook the possibility of model information being physically printed on the remote control body itself that came with your original LG TV.

5. Remove Rear Panel to Locate Model Number Sticker

For many wall-mounted LG televisions where the back of the TV is not accessible, there may be crucial model number and serial number stickers hidden behind the rear outer cover panel of the television.

Removing this back panel cover on the TV can reveal additional model specification labels not visible from the outside.

To do this first unplug all power and input cables from the back of the TV. Then use a Phillips head screwdriver to carefully remove any screws holding the back plate in place, usually found along the perimeter edges of the panel.

With the screws removed, gently pull off the rear cover panel. Take care not to damage any internal wires or connections.

Once removed, look inside for any stickers, barcodes, or engraving that list model numbers and other codes. Theinside of the rear panel is commonly where LG sticks such identifiable information relevant for consumers and repair technicians.

Carefully replace the back panel cover if no identifiers are found, and be sure to replace any screws to keep the TV securely fastened.

6. Check Purchase Records and Account Order Histories

If you purchased your LG TV directly from an electronics retailer or store like Best Buy, the model name, model number, serial number, and other specifications will be listed on your original receipt or invoice/order paperwork you received at purchase.

Also, if you purchased your TV through an online retailer like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Newegg etc., you should be able to log into your account order history and look up the details of the original TV purchase, which will include exact model information.

Any documentation related to the original new purchase of the television will list the LG model name and number, even if just copied down into your own personal records and files at the time of buying.

Having records of the original purchase can provide quick and definitive model identification without having to go through steps like taking apart the TV or digging into confusing menus. So check any docs you have related to the original purchase if possible.

7. Access System/Settings Information Menu on TV

how can i determine which lg tv model i own

The model number, serial number, and other detailed specification information for your LG television is actually accessible right on the TV itself through the settings and system information menus.

Here are the general steps to access built-in system information based on LG smart TV platforms:

webOS TVs:

  • Using LG’s Magic Remote, press the home button to access the webOS launcher.
  • Select the Settings icon (shaped like a gear)
  • Choose General
  • Select About This TV
  • Scroll down the menu for Model Number, Serial Number, etc.

Netcast TVs:

  • Press Menu button on remote
  • Select Setup
  • Choose General
  • Scroll down to or select Model Number to display

LG Pro:Centric Hospitality TVs:

  • Access the main Hotel Mode menu
  • Navigate to System Info
  • Find and select Model & Serial Number

Having the model number easily accessible in the TV’s menus can be helpful for quick identification without having to dig up paperwork or unmount TVs.

8. Determine Model Number Based on Purchase Year

LG television model numbers actually give clues about the unit’s specs and features based on a standardized naming convention, including the year the model was manufactured and released.

If you purchased your LG TV within a certain time frame or year, you can reference LG’s public model naming guidelines to narrow down the possible models your unit could be based on the purchase timeframe.

For example, if you bought an LG TV in 2018, common model number prefixes you would expect include:

  • OLED – Flagship OLED models like C8, E8, W8
  • SK/UK – Premium LED/LCD models like SK9500, UK7500
  • UJ – Mid-range LED models like UJ6300, UJ7700

Or if you purchased in 2020, common LG TV model prefixes include:

  • NANO – High-end Nanocell LED TVs, like NANO90, NANO91
  • UN/UX – Mainstream 4K LED TVs, like UN73, UX340

Use the TV’s purchase year along with typical model name formats to guess the possible model names to cross-reference with identifying labels and menus on your TV. This can help narrow down your search when trying to identify.

9. Use Mobile Device Apps to Identify Model Number

Specialized electronics identification apps on smartphones and tablets like Google Lens can be quite useful in identifying product model numbers.

These apps allow you to simply point your mobile device’s camera at the front or back of your powered on LG TV for a few seconds. The app will automatically scan for identifiers, analyze details like logos and ports, and display any detected model information directly on your phone’s screen.

Helpful electronics identification apps to try in addition to Google Lens include:

  • Decoder – Electronic Identifier
  • Electrolama – Device Identification
  • Machinery Identify

These apps work on all kinds of electronics beyond just LG TVs and can identify any brand TV model quickly and easily. Give it a try to instantly determine your model using mobile OCR and image recognition.

10. Contact LG Customer Support for Model Identification

how can i determine which lg tv model i own

You can always directly call, email, or chat online with LG TV technical support agents to help identify your exact LG television model.

LG customer support can determine your model number and details if you provide them with information such as:

  • Approximate purchase date / year
  • TV display size (55 inch, 65 inch etc)
  • TV type (LED, OLED, etc)
  • Key features like smart platform, HDR, 4K resolution etc
  • Any model name/number references found on labels
  • Serial number if you located it

With those data points, LG support representatives can cross-reference their internal databases to pinpoint just which model you likely own.

This can be helpful if you’ve had no luck locating a physical model number label anywhere on the TV or remote. Support agents are trained to identify models based on these kinds of descriptive factors.

11. Take TV to Electronics Repair Shop for Identification

For problematic cases where you cannot locate any model labels anywhere on the physical TV, consider taking it into a local TV repair shop to have service technicians identify the model for you.

Repair techs at TV repair stores are experts in being able to determine TV model numbers based on examining the physical attributes, buttons, ports, features, on-screen display and menus. They deal with TV models daily.

Big electronics retailers like Best Buy with Geek Squad departments may also be able to examine your TV in-person and determine the exact LG model based on hands-on inspection by knowledgeable installers and technicians.

This physical in-person examination option should reliably determine your model when all else fails. Use care in transporting large TVs to shops for identification.

12. Hire an Audio-Video Installer or Technician to Identify

Home theater installers, A/V specialty technicians, and TV mounting contractors are another option to hire just for the sake of identifying your LG TV model number and specifications, if you are really struggling to figure it out on your own.

These kinds of technicians deal with a high volume of TV installation and repair jobs across many brands and models. Their extensive hands-on experience gives them specialized knowledge to quickly identify a TV model on the spot.

Searching sites like Yelp, Craigslist, or local listings can help you find highly rated AV technicians or TV mounting contractors in your area. They can often determine the LG model just by photos or remote examination.

13. Post Details on Online Forums and Communities

Active forums and communities like Reddit Home Theater, AVSForum, AVForums, and LG’s own support forums have many experienced and knowledgeable members familiar with LG’s entire TV product lineups and model specifications.

You can create a new post on these forums explaining key details about your LG TV like the approximate purchase year, display size, inputs and ports, smart TV features, any labeling reference numbers, remote control buttons, etc.

Ideally also attach photos showing the design of your TV model from both front and back perspective.

With these details, forum members can provide very helpful opinions to narrow down or definitively identify your exact LG television model name/number. Their collective experience is extremely helpful.

14. Look Up Model Number Based on TV’s Serial Number

Each LG television has a unique serial number printed on a label on the chassis and also documented internally in software. While the serial number itself does not directly contain the model identifier, it can be cross-referenced to identify.

You’ll typically find the serial number on a barcode sticker on the back of the TV panel. It may also be located on packaging and documentation. Search menus on certain LG TVs display it as well.

Once you locate the serial number, websites like TV Part Today and ShopJimmy offer LG TV model number databases you can reference and search based on serial numbers.

Inputting your TV’s serial will match to the model number, allowing you to definitively identify the model through this method. The serial number provides indirect but helpful model identification.

15. Use a Remote Control App to Detect Model Automatically

For newer smart TV models, downloading a remote control app like Peel, LG TV Remote, or Sure Universal Remote on your smartphone allows you to control your LG TV right from your phone.

These apps work by automatically communicating with your television to detect the model number during setup. The app needs the model details to ensure proper compatability and functionality.

As a result, when using one of these remote apps for the first time, the model name/number should be displayed on screen or within the app’s settings which you can easily view.

The model detection capability that comes with using an LG TV remote app can conveniently provide the model data needed for identification without having to investigate the physical TV unit itself.


Identifying the exact model number and name of your LG television is very important for ensuring you get proper replacement parts, accessories, cables, stands, wall mounts, remotes, and support service.

Misidentifying your LG TV model risks ordering the wrong components, which can lead to wasted money and time.

Hopefully this detailed 15 step guide has equipped you with numerous helpful methods to easily determine how can i determine which lg tv model i own.

Checking physical labels, tracking purchase records, using mobile apps, contacting LG support, and leveraging online communities offer straightforward ways to find your model number.

Knowing the precise model of your LG TV saves you frustration and ensures you get the maximum enjoyment from your LG television for years to come.

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