Does Instagram Delete Inactive Accounts Complete Detail

Hello, devoted user of social media! Do you worry that idle Instagram accounts may be deleted? You’ve gained a following and shared your favorite images, but lately, life has been hectic, so you haven’t signed in for a while. You’re now terrified that all of your laborious work may have vanished into the internet void. We have the insider information on Instagram’s account termination policy, so you can relax. 

The truth is that Instagram is unlikely to cancel your account simply because you don’t post or log in for a while.. Maintaining user engagement is Instagram’s top aim, not getting users to leave the app. However, there are a few exceptions that you need to be aware of in order to maintain the integrity of your account. Continue reading to learn the facts about dormant Instagram accounts and how to keep your account from being deleted. 

How Long Until Instagram Deletes an Inactive Account?

Because of this, you’re wondering if Instagram deletes accounts that are inactive. Yes, Instagram does delete accounts that have been inactive for a long time, to give you a quick answer. 

When an account is dormant for more than two years, Instagram deems it to be inactive. Instagram can then erase your account to make room for other usernames and storage. To offer you an opportunity to get back in, Instagram typically sends you notification emails before deactivating an account. 

Simply login to Instagram at least once every six to twelve months to prevent having your account deleted. You don’t need to post anything when you check in; simply doing some surfing will keep Instagram from marking your account as inactive. 

There is no method to restore an account that has previously been removed due to inactivity. After removal, Instagram permanently deletes accounts. Use your Instagram account on a regular basis to prevent this by: 

  1. Logging in and browsing the feed
  2. Liking a few posts from friends and followers
  3. Posting an occasional photo or story
  4. Commenting on posts from brands or influencers you follow

Maintaining a low level of activity on Instagram will protect your account from deactivation. Even if there are times when you don’t use the app as much, just check in occasionally to keep your account in good standing. After all, you put a lot of effort into growing your Instagram following and memories. It would be awful to lose your account, so a little preventive maintenance goes a long way.

Warning Signs Your Instagram Account May Be Deleted

In order to free up space, Instagram may opt to delete your account if they haven’t heard from you in a while. Here are some indicators that your Instagram account might be in danger: 

Lack of Recent Activity

Instagram may erase your account if you haven’t signed in, liked, commented, or posted in more than two years. They want to maintain the platform’s activity and user engagement. At least once a month, visit your profile and “like” a few postings or tales. 

Follower Drops

Your Instagram account may have been reported as inactive and may soon be deleted if your follower count continues to decline quickly. To let Instagram know you’re still active, post a story or picture. To increase activity, get your friends to comment on your postings. 

Can’t Log In

The worst-case situation is being completely unable to access your Instagram account. It’s possible that as a result of your account’s extended inactivity, Instagram has already deactivated it. Unfortunately, there is no way to get your images, followers, or account back once it has been erased. 

The bottom line is that you should interact with Instagram frequently to prevent deactivation. At least once a month, leave comments on blogs, like photographs, update tales, or upload a photo. Maintaining an active Instagram account will ensure that it is active for many years to come. It’s worth making the small effort to check in and interact once every few weeks to maintain your Instagram community. Your fans and memories will appreciate it! 

How to Keep Your Inactive Instagram Account Safe

There are a few security measures you may take to protect your inactive Instagram account. According to Instagram’s policies, dormant accounts that have been idle for more than two years may be removed, although following these steps will help avoid that. 

Regularly check your account. Logging into your Instagram account once every 6 to 12 months is the simplest approach to keep it active. Instagram’s inactivity counter will be reset even if you don’t make any new posts; simply logging in to browse your profile and older posts will achieve this and keep your account secure. 

When you can, update your profile or upload pictures. Other options to demonstrate to Instagram that your account is still active include updating your profile photo, and bio, or publishing a new image if you are able to do so. The best approach to stop Instagram from removing dormant accounts is with these kinds of upgrades. 

Be wary of frauds and hacks. Hackers and con artists frequently target inactive accounts. Any unsolicited messages, friend requests, or links involving your Instagram account should be avoided. Never click any links or grant access to your account to anyone requesting your password or authentication. 

Make two-factor authentication available. Your Instagram account is made more secure by enabling two-factor authentication. Even if hackers manage to guess your password, it helps prevent them from accessing your account. Instagram will send a security code to your phone when two-factor authentication is set, which you must enter in order to log in. As a result, it is considerably more difficult for hackers to access inactive accounts. 

Think about setting your account to private. It’s a good idea to make your account private if it has been idle for a while. In this manner, your posts and profile information are only visible to your approved followers. This increases privacy and assists in preventing potential hacking or fraud attempts from unidentified parties. 

By using these suggestions, you can lessen the likelihood that Instagram will delete your inactive account while also keeping it safe. Even if you aren’t regularly using your account, be proactive and take steps to demonstrate to Instagram that it still has value. Maintaining vigilance against potential security risks is essential for keeping your account secure during extended idleness. 

What Happens When Instagram Deletes Your Account?

When Instagram deletes your account, several things will happen:

Your Profile and Content Will no Longer be Visible

All of your photos, videos, comments, likes, and followers will disappear. Your profile will no longer show up when someone searches for your username. Everything you’ve posted and built up over time will vanish.

You’ll lose Your Username

The username you chose and have been using will be released and available for anyone else to claim. If you decide to start using Instagram again in the future, you’ll have to choose a new username.

Your Messages and DMs Will be Erased

Any private messages, DMs, or group chats you’ve participated in will be deleted. The threads and conversations you’ve had with friends and followers will be removed.

You Won’t be Able to Log in or Recover Your Account

Once your account has been deleted by Instagram, there is no way to log back in or retrieve any data connected to your profile. Instagram’s servers permanently delete the account. You’ll need to start over by setting up a new account if you ever want to use Instagram again. 

The major lesson here is that if you let Instagram delete your account, your information and presence on the platform will be completely erased. It will be as if you never existed, and all you’ve created and shared will be lost. The only method to stop this from happening is to consistently check into your Instagram account to demonstrate that it is still being used. Instagram won’t deactivate or classify your account as inactive as long as you log in at least once per few weeks or months. 

How to Recover a Deleted Instagram Account

Therefore, Instagram deactivated your account, whether on purpose or by mistake. Don’t be alarmed; there are a few things you can do to attempt to get your account back. 

Contact Instagram Support

Contacting Instagram directly is the best course of action. Send a polite, clear email to [email protected] outlining your problem. Give information that can be used to confirm your identity, such as your username, the email address connected to your account, and any other relevant details. In particular, if the account suspension was made in error, Instagram might be able to restore it. Be patient; Instagram’s response time to support emails is typically 1-2 business days. 

Check if Your Account Was Disabled or Deleted

Disabled accounts are distinct from accounts that have been removed. When compared to deleted accounts, deactivated accounts are frequently recoverable. Log onto your Instagram account to see if it works. If “user not found” is displayed, your account has probably been deleted. There is a chance that your account can be restored if it states “your account has been disabled for violating our terms.” 

Appeal the Deletion

You can submit an appeal to Instagram asking that it reinstate your account if it was deleted. Tell us why you think the deletion was a mistake. Any supporting proof should be provided. Upon reviewing your appeal, Instagram may restore accounts that were unjustly removed. If, however, your account was terminated for frequently breaking the terms of service, the termination was typically irreversible. 

Create a New Account (If Needed)

You might need to open a fresh Instagram account as a final resort. To prevent getting banned again, exercise extreme caution not to break any conditions of service. Your following and posts will need to be rebuilt from scratch. However, Instagram may view making a new account in order to get around a ban as a violation. Before doing this, thoroughly consider your options. 

There is a possibility that you can restore a deleted Instagram account with perseverance and patience. If all else fails, though, take the chance to start over and create an even better Instagram community. 


The answer to the question of whether Instagram deletes inactive accounts is thus revealed. Inactive accounts are normally left alone, though Instagram reserves the right to delete any accounts that break its guidelines. Your account should be secure even if you have to take a long break from the app, provided that you have followed the requirements and created a strong password. However, it’s a good idea to log in at least once per few months if you intend to stay gone for a time, just to be safe. You may rest easy knowing your account and all of those previous photographs will still be there when you return for the time being, however, Instagram may modify its policies in the future. Take that trip, concentrate on enjoying the present, and stop worrying about what is occurring online. When you return, your Instagram account will be ready for you. 

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