Can I Use an HDMI ARC with My LG TV in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

With the rising popularity of soundbars and home theater systems, can I use an HDMI ARC with my LG TV in 2023? is a common question for many consumers looking to simplify connections and reduce cable clutter.

HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows two-way audio transmission through a single HDMI cable. This removes the need for a separate audio connection between your LG TV and audio devices.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about using HDMI ARC with compatible LG TV models this year and beyond:

What is HDMI ARC and How It Works

HDMI ARC is a special port that combines audio and video transmission:

  • HDMI ARC allows you to output video from your LG TV to a soundbar or receiver while also inputting audio to play through your TV’s speakers.
  • It enables a single HDMI cable to handle both audio and video signals between devices.
  • This removes the need for a separate audio cable to get sound from your speakers to the TV.
  • HDMI ARC was introduced in the HDMI 1.4 specification and has been included in most TVs since 2009.
  • Any HDMI port labeled explicitly as an ARC port supports two-way audio transmission.
  • The audio transmission is enabled by dedicated data channels built into the HDMI ARC protocol.
  • Older HDMI versions were one-way video only. ARC introduced the needed two-way communication.
  • ARC is backwards compatible with standard HDMI so you get both audio and unchanged video capability.

How HDMI ARC Works

Here is a more detailed overview of how HDMI ARC achieves two-way audio communication:

  • Dedicated ARC channels are assigned in the HDMI protocol for audio transmission from TV to speaker and vice versa.
  • These extra channels enable audio data packets to be sent bidirectionally.
  • At either end, the HDMI ARC ports process and reconstruct these data packets into audio signals.
  • So when you play media on your TV, video data is sent one-way as normal HDMI while audio data travels both ways via ARC.
  • This two-way audio travel eliminates the need for a separate S/PDIF or RCA audio connection.
  • HDMI-CEC is used to ensure coordinated control between ARC-connected devices.

Overall, the dedicated ARC channels in the HDMI specification enable seamless transmission of both audio and video for a simplified single cable connection.

Benefits of Using HDMI ARC with an LG TV

can i use an hdmi arc with my lg tv

Using HDMI ARC connectivity with your compatible LG TV provides several notable benefits:

1. Reduced Cable Clutter

With a single HDMI ARC cable handling both audio and video transmission between devices, you can significantly reduce cable clutter. No extra analog or optical audio cables needed.

2. Simplified Setup

You don’t have to connect separate audio cables between your LG TV and soundbar or receiver. HDMI ARC provides a simplified single wire setup.

3. Unified Control

HDMI ARC enables unified control of your TV and connected audio device via HDMI-CEC. Use just your TV remote to control volume, input switching, etc.

4. Higher Quality Audio

HDMI ARC supports high bandwidth uncompressed audio like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio for the best sound quality.

5. ARC is Platform Agnostic

HDMI ARC works seamlessly between various brands. You can connect an LG TV with a Sony soundbar, Samsung Blu-ray player etc.

6. Seamless Integration

HDMI ARC enables your LG TV to integrate seamlessly with the latest audio devices for an enhanced entertainment experience.

Checking HDMI ARC Compatibility on Your LG TV

You can verify if your specific LG TV model supports HDMI ARC in a few quick ways:

1. Check the Manual and Specs

The LG TV manual and official specs will mention ARC or Audio Return Channel if supported. This is the definitive way to confirm.

2. Look for an ARC HDMI Port

On the rear panel, look for a port explicitly labeled as “ARC”. The ARC labeling indicates HDMI ARC capability.

3. Confirm HDMI Version

HDMI ARC requires HDMI 1.4 or higher. You can check specs for your LG TV’s HDMI version to verify this.

4. Manufacture Date

If your LG TV was manufactured after 2009, it likely supports ARC. But confirm with the manual/ports.

5. Try Connecting a Device

Connect a soundbar or AV receiver to your LG TV’s HDMI ports. If you get audio through the TV, that port has ARC capability.

Setting Up HDMI ARC on an LG TV – Step-by-Step

can i use an hdmi arc with my lg tv

If you’ve confirmed ARC support, follow these steps to enable it on your compatible LG TV:

1. Connect an HDMI Cable

Use a certified High Speed HDMI cable, preferably with Ethernet, to connect your LG TV’s ARC port to the ARC input on your soundbar or home theater receiver.

2. Select the Correct Input

On your soundbar or receiver, select the input that the HDMI ARC cable is connected to. It’s typically labeled clearly as ’ARC’ or ’HDMI IN’.

3. Enable HDMI ARC on the TV

In your LG TV settings menu, go to Sound > Additional Settings > HDMI ARC and set it to ‘On’. This activates the two-way audio communication.

4. Set Audio Output

Under Sound, change Audio Out/Output to HDMI ARC. This ensures all audio routes through your connected home theater device and not the TV speakers.

5. Enable HDMI-CEC

Under your LG TV settings, confirm HDMI-CEC is set to ‘On’. Similarly enable CEC on your soundbar. This allows coordinated power and volume control.

Once complete, you can enjoy simplified audio connectivity with HDMI ARC between your compatible LG TV and audio devices!

HDMI ARC vs Standard HDMI Questions

Since HDMI ARC builds on top of standard HDMI, some users have questions on how they compare:

can i use an hdmi arc with my lg tv

Is HDMI ARC the same as regular HDMI?

No, HDMI ARC is an enhanced version of standard HDMI that adds dedicated two-way audio channels. Regular HDMI is one-way video-only.

Does HDMI ARC work with older standard HDMI cables?

No, you need HDMI cables that support Ethernet (HEC). Older cables lack the wiring for two-way communication.

Can you split audio and video signals with HDMI ARC?

No, HDMI ARC consolidates audio and video transmission in one cable. You can’t separate them.

Is HDMI ARC backward compatible?

Yes, HDMI ARC ports can deliver standard one-way video to older HDMI devices without ARC. But they won’t get audio return.

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Troubleshooting Common HDMI ARC Connection Issues

In some instances, you may encounter issues getting HDMI ARC working smoothly. Here are fixes for some common LG TV connection problems:

1. No sound

  • Ensure cables are firmly connected and ARC is enabled in the TV settings.
  • Try an alternative high-speed HDMI cable in case your current one is faulty.
  • Confirm the TV and soundbar/receiver are set to the correct input.
  • Power cycle all devices if needed and check audio settings haven’t been muted.

2. Volume control not working

  • Make sure HDMI-CEC is enabled on your LG TV and connected audio device.
  • Try cycling through CEC device power and renaming linked devices if volume buttons lag or don’t respond.

3. Audio cutting in and out

  • Use a certified 48Gbps HDMI cable for higher bandwidth to prevent drops.
  • Update your TV firmware and connected device firmware to the latest version.
  • Connect devices to different HDMI ports to identify any faulty ports.

4. Audio sync/lip sync issues

  • Match all video and audio delay settings between your LG TV and connected devices.
  • Try different HDMI cables, ports, and connected speakers. Narrow down where the lag occurs.
  • Use an optical audio connection instead if ARC sync problems persist.

For continued issues, perform a factory reset on your TV and audio components. Also check manuals for device-specific troubleshooting.

Tips for Using HDMI ARC with Your LG TV

Here are some additional tips for the best HDMI ARC performance when connecting your LG television and audio gear:

  • Directly connect your soundbar or home theater receiver to the TV’s ARC port for optimal compatibility.
  • Position devices within reasonable distance and avoid tight cable bends that can degrade signal quality.
  • Use the fastest certified HDMI cables available – Ultra High Speed HDMI 48Gbps cables are ideal.
  • Keep your LG TV and connected devices updated with the latest firmware for bug fixes and improvements.
  • Only plug and unplug HDMI cables when devices are powered off to avoid potential electrical damage.
  • Refer to your device manuals for optimal HDMI ARC settings and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Contact LG or your audio brand for technical support if you are unable to resolve ARC connection issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about Can I Use an HDMI Arc with my LG TV

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about using HDMI ARC with LG televisions:

Does HDMI ARC provide better sound quality?

Yes, HDMI ARC supports uncompressed audio for the best sound quality. It can transmit Dolby Atmos object-based surround sound.

What HDMI cable do I need for ARC?

Use a certified Ultra High Speed HDMI cable that has Ethernet connectivity. High Speed HDMI cables work too.

Where is the ARC port located on my LG TV?

The ARC port is typically labeled HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 on the rear panel. Check your manual to confirm the correct port.

Can I use HDMI ARC and optical audio simultaneously?

No, your LG TV can only transmit sound through either ARC or optical out at one time. You can’t use both together.

Does HDMI ARC work with older LG TV models?

No. HDMI ARC requires HDMI 1.4 so older LG TVs without that version do not support ARC functionality.

Why is there no audio when using ARC?

If there is no sound, ensure you have enabled ARC in the TV settings menu, selected the correct input source, and that cables are properly connected.


In summary, HDMI ARC enables you to enjoy simplified audio connectivity between your compatible LG TV and soundbar or home theater receiver.

Follow our detailed setup, usage, and troubleshooting guidance for successfully configuring HDMI ARC. Reduce cable clutter while retaining high quality sound.

We hope this comprehensive article has answered the question “can I use an HDMI ARC with my LG TV in 2023?” and provided everything you need to benefit from this great connectivity feature. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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